Year 0

Amazed by quality problems in the commercial software world, Machiel returns to the University of Twente for PhD research on model-based testing (MBT).


Machiel completed his PhD "within a hair's breadth", practice is calling. With a valorisation grant in his pocket and former colleague Menno on board, 'Axini' conducts its first MBT client project, with university tooling.

Late 2007

Founding Axini BV for a large assignment at an asset management institution. Development of own technology for MBT on decision logic/datasets.


First Axini employee. The attic rooms are abandoned for Azartplein in Amsterdam, between a bakery and a pub. Trained a team with Achmea to model and test pension processes.


The first Axini Summer of Code: a week of product innovation and cosiness in the Groningen clay. SoC would become tradition.


Item off the to-do list: Machiel gets his PhD. The University of Twente organises a conference at which Axini customers also speak. Sweden's ITAB is the first foreign customer.


Further development of data-driven side tooling on investment systems and time/message-driven side on X-ray equipment. Graduate positions for Master students on a structural base.


Won contract together with Ordina: ProRail systems that run trains now model-based tested with Axini. From traffic control station to box next to the railway.


Multi-year European research together with Philips, Siemens, Canon and TNO, among others. Later awarded with the Eureka Award and the ITEA Award of Excellence.


Celebrating 10 years of Axini in Mallorca. Internal specialisation in Finance and High-tech teams.


More focus on 'the business' with the arrival of third board member Ronald and partnering with FTE Group in the financial sector.


Birth of the Axini Modeling Platform during the Summer of Code hackathon; Application platform based on Model Based Software Engineering (MBSE).


Extension of the Axini Modelling Platform with actuarial engine; provision for complex mathematical insurance logic including time travel and simulation among others.


Big steps in the extremely small: together with Thermo Fisher Scientific and ICT Group model-based testing of state-of-the-art electron microscopes.

Late 2022

Axini has long outgrown the Azartplein office, move to Zuidas South 😉