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Axini develops tools for model based testing (MBT) and model based software engineering (MBSE). Model based testing is a software testing approach in which test cases are automatically generated and executed from a model, a formal specification of the system under test. This approach allows for a high degree of test automation and more thorough testing.

Security testing generally involves generating (semi)random input and observing whether the system under test breaks, crashes or performs other unintended behavior.

Security testing seems a complimentary approach to model based testing, which starts from a model describing all intended (happy flow) behavior that can be done. We think the knowledge of the system present in the model should allow for more thorough security testing. We are very interested in how these approaches and theories can be combined.

Possible research questions

There are several puzzles and research questions that students can work on.

Unifying security testing and MBT theory
How to integrate security testing concepts in the model based testing theory?
Model based security testing
Can we use the information that we have in the model to enable more powerful security testing?

Recent work

Recent work at Axini on this topic: