Graduating at Axini

Axini is an Amsterdam-based technology spin-off of the University of Twente. We develop software engineering tools that apply academic formal methods in practice. In particular, we focus on model-based testing and model driven engineering. Our tools are used for major Dutch companies such as ProRail and Achmea.

As a result, we have both a lot of theoretical knowledge on formal techniques and hands on experience with software testing in the real world. This mix results in interesting research topics for graduation projects. Get more theoretical by diving into formal methods and model checking or tackle the testing or modeling challenges of the real world.

Axini has hosted many graduation projects over the years. We have a lot of experience that allows us to help students get the most out of their project. All our students have graduated successfully. See our track record below.

We have good connections with universities (University of Twente, Eindhoven University of Technology, University of Amsterdam) and research institutions (TNO, CWI) and we participate in European research projects such as TESTOMAT, Allegio and Reflexion. Most of our colleagues have a background in academia, be it as a teacher, PhD or master student. We know what research is like and can get you in contact with the people you need to make your project a success.

During your project you can experience what life is like in a product software company focused on craftsmanship and continuous improvement. We have a friendly, informal environment and flexible hours. Colleagues and students can choose to work from home for parts of the week.

We offer students the following:

Good supervisors
We have experienced supervisors that will make time to guide your research. We can inspire you and challenge your ideas with our in-depth domain knowledge.
Research topics
We offer real research topics and challenging puzzles for real world problems. You won’t be building us a website.
Connections in academia
We have good connections with universities and potential academic supervisors.
Track record
We have a good track record of graduation projects. See below for a list of your predecessors.
Based in Amsterdam. We are located close to Science Park and are easily accessible with public transportation.
All projects are accompanied with a monthly internship compensation.

Possible research topics

We offer a wide range of research topics, both theoretical and more practical oriented.

Model checking of symbolic transition systems
Automatically verify properties of our model using Linear Time Logic and formal methods. Read more
Automatic test case analysis for bug localization
Automatically find patterns in failed test cases to aid in test analysis and bug localization. Read more
Next level test case generation and selection strategies
Generate even smarter test cases by extending our testing strategies with data coverage and smarter pathfinding. Read more
Visual modeling with intermediate ASTs
Enable both textual and visual modeling by developing an intermediate representation in between the textual and visual languages. Read more
Model based testing of GUI applications
Extend the model based testing theory with the concepts needed to tests systems with a GUI, such as web and desktop applications. Read more
Model based security testing
Evaluate the applicability of model based testing in the security domain and experiment with model based fuzzers. Read more
Model based testing of Internet of Things protocols
Evaluate the applicability of model based testing in the Internet of Things domain and apply model based testing on e.g. the ZigBee protocol. Read more
Model learning
Analyze log files or other output of a system and construct a model that describes the observed behavior. Read more

If you have a different topic in mind that you think might fit us, we would be very pleased to hear it.


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Previous theses

Read the work of your predecessors to get inspired.