Documents are crucial in the communication with customers. It is of major importance that customers receive correct documents at the right time. The exact document to send often depends on complex business logic. For example, the input values, the event, which product or service is purchased and the most recent legislation. This creates a complex situation with an immense variation of all possible documents.

On top of that, existing document solutions have such complexity that domain experts like legal or marketing specialist cannot configure these tools by themselves. They need technical specialists. This results in designs and templates being send back and forth, which makes it easy to introduce errors and hard to find them.

We often observe the following problems.

Incorrect documents are sent because of the complex development process in combination with the software solution used. It is time-intensive and hard for domain experts to check and test the documents they designed.
Long lead time
Changing and generating documents entails long lead time because of long development chains needed for creating a document. There are many dependencies on different competences and suppliers.
Too expensive
The process is too expensive because it takes too much time and people to create, update and check the documents.
Difficult to adjust
The many dependencies make it difficult to change and maintain documents, for example because the supplier is needed to implement business logic or generate test-documents.
Poor reproducibility
It is often very difficult to reproduce old documents, which complicates compliance and monitoring.

Our Solution

Our platform enables your domain experts to specify and maintain (legal) texts and their business logic by themselves. Testing is built in. Even the smallest updates can be tested against the current documents to guarantee the right result. The final documents are generated with a push of the button to inspect. Once the domain expert is satisfied, they can generate the document box service.

This approach has many advantages.

Maintenance by the domain expert
Domain experts can change and maintain the document specifications and business logic. They can update and adjust the (legal) text without the need of technical experts. This reduces the amount of errors tremendously.
No dependencies
Domain experts do not have dependencies on other parties or the supplier for updates. This simplifies the process, which results in fewer errors, higher efficiency and lower costs.
Documents in a flash
Documents are generated in seconds. This makes it possible to respond to changing needs quickly.
Checked by the domain expert
When a document is generated, the domain expert can immediately check how it compares with previous documents. This prevents unintended changes and errors.
Reproducible documents
Our platform contains an advanced version management system, which makes it easy to reproduce documents.

Watch the video

In this presentation, Machiel explains how the document box can help.


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