Time to market is of the utmost importance in the financial services industry. In practice it is not easy to accelerate your time to market due to historically grown complex IT-systems, due to changes and ammendments in the law and due to production problems. With the Axini platform and approach, a leading Dutch insurance company has cut its time to market in half.

Axini is driven by our ambition to enable fault-free software. That's why we created the Axini platform and approach.

The Axini platform gives you one language to formally write down your business requirements. Next, the platform checks completely automically if your IT-system implementation conforms to your business requirements. Our platform and approach are build upon the most recent theories and insights from leading universities and research institutions. We offer the most automated and fault-free approach practically possible at the moment. Production problems and faults are almost totally eradicated. Our clients operate the platform themselves with little or no support. They find IT-problems sooner and prevent them from causing problems. They have complete insight in the quality of their systems with respect to their business requirements. This results in drastically shorter time to market and significantly less repair and rework. This is also known as shift left: find and prevent problems earlier (left) in the software development process. A big step towards first time right.


Collaboration between business and IT
A better collaboration between business and IT because the requirements are written down in an unambiguous and visual way.
Governance and control
At any moment you have a clear insight in the progress of the implementation of your business requirements.
Unprecedented quality
The test process is completely automated. Our A.I. reasons what test-cases to execute to achieve optimal test coverage. No need to write and program test-cases by hand.
Significantly shorter time to market
On average we see that clients cut their time to market in half with our platform and approach
Increased effectivity of IT personel that is in short supply
IT personel is hard to find. The Axini platform can be operated by business people and domain experts.
Hassle-free integration with other systems
Our platform enables you to do your integration tests during development because it tests with unpredented precision.

Do you want to see a demo of our platform, or do you want to know more about our approach? Call or mail Machiel van der Bijl. I am happy to tell you more and to get to know you.