Monday January 17th 2022

Data quality is a very actual topic for pension funds. Especially with the new pension contract on the way. There are many aspects to data quality, such as completeness, consistency, timeliness, etc. A point where Axini distinguishes itself is in the correctness and traceability of calculations and business rules. In other words: "Do the participants get what they are entitled to?", including an audit trail to prove it. In this we have a solid track record and a distinctive proposition.

Our approach works as follows. Your, or our, domain expert defines the calculations and business rules in an unambiguous way on our platform in a model. The input for the model can come from various sources such as the regulations, specifications and discussions with domain experts. Our product experts then link our platform to the part of your pension system where the calculations take place. The exact technology often depends on the specific system. Examples are web services with XML or JSON, AS-400 iSeries links or a direct link on screens. Based on the model, our platform fully automatically tests if your pension system is implemented according to your specifications. Based on our mathematical machine reasoning engine, our platform invents test data and test steps and executes them automatically. Deviations are automatically displayed in your browser.

We work with Data eXcellence and Antyli Consulting because Axini is a technology partner. Together we can unburden you and take care of all data quality parts.

You can download the white paper as PDF or contact us for more information.