Thursday September 1st 2022

This year the entire engineering team was in Terwolde at Donkelsgoed. A nice rural environment with plenty of cows and horses. Time for work and of course time for each other in a different environment. Work hard, play hard.

Some topics that we will investigate:

Git and the Axini Modeling Platform (AMP)

As you probably know, AMP uses Git under the hood for versioning of models. We are going to investigate how we are going to give our users more git power. For example, to branch, merge, etc. And we are going to investigate if we can use the power of external git repos such as GitLab and Github, for example for model reviews.

Visualization of models

A picture says more than a thousand words, and that also holds for models. We are going to investigate how we can enhance the visualization of models, for example with semantic zooming.

Requirements coverage

Requirements are the basis of model based testing, because testing involves checking if the software implements the requirements correctly. In this track we are going to make requirements first class citizens. We will investigate how we can check if test cases hit a particular requirement, or even better how to generate test cases for a particular requirement.

Language server

With a language server we can make our modeling features available for external editors. This makes it possible for modelers to use their editor of choice. We are going to implement a language server prototype for the Axini Modeling Platform.