Tuesday July 19th 2022

Our new colleague Bart-Jan Hilbrands

My name is Bart-Jan, I’m 25 and completed the Master in Software Engineering at the University of Amsterdam. I did my thesis in the context of the verification of Component-Based systems. I initially came in contact with Axini through a workshop they gave during my master. Because I already knew Axini and the context in which Axini works fits well with my thesis topic, it seemed like a good match and I contacted them through a former fellow student who also works at Axini. In short, what I will do at Axini as a Software Engineer is improve and expand the model based testing software used by Axini's customers.

I noticed in the first week how flexible Axini is. I also made good use of the opportunity to work from home. You get a mentor at Axini, who is your first point of contact for questions and guides you during your training period. My first week mainly consisted of reading about Ruby and software design, and getting to know Axini's products. I really liked being able to do some study work first, so that I am better prepared for studying the code base and can start with some implementation work soon.