Friday July 1st 2022

Graduate intern Marko Milardic

I’m a Software Engineering Master’s student at the University of Amsterdam. After 4 years of studying in Croatia, I came to Amsterdam to change the studying environment, meet new people, and broaden my professional perspective.

After a guest lecture from Axini, presenting model-based testing and Axini, I took it a step further and reached out to Axini at the thesis borrel. I’ve got attracted by the passion of the team about model-based testing. Seeking an opportunity to focus on practical work (programming was a must) in the thesis, I’ve decided to proceed with Axini.

Since the beginning of April, I've been working on my thesis within Axini. Our research is “Model-based Testing of Interoperability in Internet of Things Protocols”. The research includes Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) programming and modeling in the Axini Modeling Platform, which makes it quite interesting. Our end goal is to create a proof-of-concept model which can test the interoperability between two Bluetooth devices. So far, the most challenging part was understanding the Bluetooth specification and programming the adapter that allows the AMP to communicate with the BT devices.