Fridy May 6th 2022

The Excasso solution of FTE Groep/Axini is live at Pensioenfonds Campina since January 1st 2022. Now that the corona measures have been relaxed, we celebrated this joyous occasion.

Cor Spaans, director of Pensioenfonds Campina: "We are pleased with the Excasso solution of FTE Groep/Axini. The user-friendly application was purposely built for pension providers, without bells and whistles, and integrates with our pension administration. This enables us to optimise our processes even further."

The Excasso solution runs on the model based Axini platform. The interesting thing about this platform is that domain experts can make large parts of the application themselves, such as business rules, calculation rules, documents, etc. In this case, the domain experts at FTE Group implemented the excasso business rules and calculation rules of the Tax Administration. This made it possible to create a customised excasso application in a short time, with a small team of experts. For example, the Excasso solution was developed within a year with a team of four developers and domain experts.

Another interesting feature of the platform is that testing is built-in as a standard. This means that it is also possible to test excasso systems fully automated. The innovative platform is based on years of research into formal methods and domain specific languages.

Would you like to know more about the Excasso solution of FTE Group/Axini? Please contact Martijn Camphens or Machiel van der Bijl (+31 6 1642 6332), or fill in the contact form.