Monday February 28th 2022

Interlocking is an important part of railway signaling. It prevents conflicting movements on a route. The EULYNX project is a European initiative of 13 infrastructure managers, including ProRail, to standardise the components of train security. Together with ProRail, the University of Amsterdam and the University of Twente, Axini did research on the application of the Axini model based method and platform for EULYNX object controllers. The research was so successful that Tobias Bachmann and Djurre van der Wal submitted a paper to ICST 2022, the IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation. We are pleased to report that this paper has been accepted!

Tobias Bachmann: "I am honored to contribute my paper to the 15th IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation where I research the applicability of model based testing for EULYNX SysML models by translating them into symbolic transition systems.

Together with Axini and their powerful MBT toolset, I have shown a promising way towards higher quality specifications, more efficient conformance testing of system implementations, and ultimately to an increase in safety."

The basis for this research is Tobias Bachmann's graduation work: Translating SysML models into Symbolic Transition Systems for Model-Based Testing).