Wednesday May 24th 2023

Agile working with complex systems

With complex software systems, Agile working frequently causes problems. We explain what can help well when developing complex systems in an Agile way.

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Wednesday May 24th 2023

Three ways to eliminate defects early in the development process

Finding defects late in the development process is unattractive. Fortunately, several ways exist to find defects early in the development process.

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Monday January 16th 2023

Axini Winter of Code

Our innovation/hackaton week that we have at least twice a year. A week with much discussion, programming, but also time for each other.

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Monday January 2nd 2023

New office location!

Starting today Axini has a new office. Still a bit under construction, but we are working hard on it.

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Monday December 5th 2022

Machiel keynote speaker at the MDENet event in London

A presentation about the deployment of the Axini platform at ProRail.

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Wednesday November 23rd 2022

Axini Platform now works with external Git repos

Our Modeling Platform AMP can now work with external Git repos, like GitLab.

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Tuesday November 15th 2022

Workshop model based testing at Testnet event

Machiel van der Bijl on working with the Axini platform during the Testnet Autumn event

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Wednesday October 19th 2022

Axini featured in I/O magazine!

Axini can be found in the digital magazine from IPN (ICT Research Platform Netherlands).

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Monday October 17th 2022

Congratulations Floris, Bart-Jan, Lucas and Xavier!

Our team members Floris Zeven, Bart-Jan Hilbrands, Lucas Steehouwer and Xavier van Dommelen received their Master degree.

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Tuesday September 27th 2022

Machiel speaker at ‘Beheer de Toekomst’ event

This week Machiel was a guest speaker at the ‘Beheer de Toekomst’ event for IT-managers within the government.

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Friday September 23rd 2022

Navigating without damage

The new pension agreement will be a big change. Daan van Eijck and Machiel van der Bijl describe the problems and how to navigate them without damage.

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Tuesday September 13th 2022

Fun at the UCAAT conference

A big thanks to the organizers at ETSI and Siemens for a very interesting and well organised conference!

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Friday September 1st 2022

5 year Peter at Axini!

A joyful event to celebrate this week was Peter's anniversary at Axini.

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Thursday September 1st 2022

The Axini Summer of Code is in progress

We are working hard on several innovative topics and having a great time together.

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Tuesday August 28th 2022

Axini Youtube channel is live!

From now on all our videos can be found on our YouTube channel.

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Friday August 12th 2022

Interview with Machiel in the MDENet newsletter

The newsletter from MDENet, the expert network for model driven engineering, features an interview with our own Machiel van der Bijl.

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Wednesday August 3rd 2022

Sky Sarah finished her internship!

Read about her and how she encoded hashes using the SMT-solver Z3.

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Tuesday July 19th 2022

Meet Bart-Jan!

Meet our new colleague.

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Thursday July 14th 2022

Model based working at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Read the Bits&Chips article about model based working at Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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Tuesday July 12th 2022

Meet Floris!

Meet our new colleague.

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Monday July 11th 2022

Axini workshop accepted for UCAAT!

Our workshop is accepted at the User Conference on Advanced Automated Testing (UCAAT) in Munich!

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Thursday July 7th 2022

Paper accepted for the FMICS conference

The applicability of model based testing within the Internet of Things protocol testing domain.

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Friday July 1st 2022

Meet Marko Milardic

Get to know our graduate intern and his research project.

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Thursday June 30th 2022

A look behind the scenes at the High Tech & Rail Team

In conversation with team lead Jouke Stoel about his team's work, achievements and challenges.

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Tuesday June 28th 2022

Axini Modeling Platform and ERTMS

To give deeper insight into the Axini Modeling Platform and our approach we would like to share the presentation we gave at the Software Centric Systems Conference.

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Monday June 20th 2022

Winnovation and Axini

Axini provides a platform to automate testing. This means test automation without the need to write test cases and test data. This approach is primarily used for functional testing, but Axini is interested to extend this to security testing.

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Friday June 3rd 2022

Xebia interview

Watch the full video of the interview with Machiel van der Bijl by Lennart Tange from QXperts. It features an introduction of Axini, an overview of the Axini model based testing approach and a demo of the Axini Modeling Platform.

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Thursday June 2nd 2022

Webinar on model based testing at Achmea

Watch the full video of the very interesting Achmea webinar. It features an introduction by professor Tanja Vos, an explanation of the business perspective by Eric Joha and a demo of the modeling and the model based testing by Martijn Grummel.

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Friday May 27th 2022

Model based testing of 3D games!

In this post we look back at the results from the research that Axini has done together with the University of Twente, University of Utrecht, University of Amsterdam. It all started with the ICT with Industry week that was organized by the Lorentz Center and NWO. In this week me made a demonstrator combine research and tools from all research groups and Axini.

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Wednesday May 18th 2022

Axini is going crazy with the Spring of Code!

Twice a year we have an innovation/hackaton week at Axini. We just had the Axini Spring of Code. These weeks are a combination of play hard, work hard, fun and some time for each other. The latter is very important after these two Corona years!

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Friday May 6th 2022

Pension fund Campina takes excasso solution into production

The Excasso solution of FTE Group/Axini is live at Pensioenfonds Campina since 1 January 2022. Now the corona measures have been relaxed, we celebrated this joyous occasion.

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Monday February 28th 2022

ICST 2022 paper on MBT of EULYNX interlocking accepted

Research from Prorail, the University of Amsterdam and Axini is accepted for the 2022 IEEE International Conference on Software Testing, Verification and Validation. The research topic is applying model based testing on EULYNX SysML models.

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Monday January 17th 2022

White paper on data quality for pension funds

Data eXcellence, Axini and Antyli Consulting collaboratively wrote a white paper on data quality for pension funds.

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