Fault free software.
It is possible.

Axini offers a platform to build fault free software. Our model based approach is the result of over 25 years of academic research.

The problems we solve

In making mission critical software

Huge costs

Huge costs

Slow delivery

Slow delivery

Production errors

Production errors

It is possible to do better

Using model based working and model based testing

A screen showing the Axini Modeling Suite

The Axini Modeling Suite

How it works

Specifications of today are written in natural language by many people with different expertises. We often observe a long chain in which documents are handed over from one person to the other before the system is finally implemented. Each step introduces errors in the original design specified by your domain experts. The natural language used to write these specifications makes these errors difficult to detect. We identify this as a root cause of faults in software.

We simplify the software process by centering it around a single source of truth, a formal specification of your desired system. We call this specification a model. We enable your domain experts to write this model themselves using the Axini Modeling Language, a friendly domain specific language designed for both technical and non-technical users. This model allows our tools to fully automate your software process. We call this approach model based working.

What we offer

Our approach can be applied in many ways

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We empower your domain experts to write unambiguous specifications, which serve as a complete documentation of your system and a single source of truth. This facilitates easy communication between different expertises.

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Test automation

Powerful automated testing thoroughly checks your system. Our tools generate and automate smart test cases based on your full specification with minimal effort. With our tools, you can release your mission critical systems fast and with confidence.

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Software generation

Our tools automatically generate your software from your models. This results in robust systems fully compliant with your specifications. Working this way allows you to easily maintain your systems by keeping only your specifications up to date.

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