Axini, experts in modeling and model-based testing

Our tools fully automate your testing process. This is a paradigm shift with great benefits in specification and testing of IT systems.
  • Less disruptions in production because of extremely thorough testing
  • More control over your IT projects because of early and frequent feedback on the quality of your systems, when impact and repair cost are still low
  • Release faster and more often because of a quick and very thorough regression test
  • Lower total cost of ownership because of easy full regression testing and excellent maintainability of the regression test


We apply Axini’s model-based testing approach to new and existing systems, in waterfall and agile development teams. Our approach is independent of application, programming language or technical environment. You can use our approach and tooling yourself, work with us or work with one of our implementation partners.


We commercially apply model-driven engineering and model-based testing in particular since 2006. We have a proven tool set that is used on a daily basis for many business critical systems. From advanced process and traffic control systems, cyber physical systems to complex administrative systems. Reference visits to our customers are possible.